Consciousness is a mindset.

We try to rise awareness about environmental issues by emphasizing the beauty of the natural world and enhance the beauty that lies in frugality. We’ve decided to adopt a slow and steady working process – we will present main collection and capsule lines each year among other alternative projects such as workshops and collaborations.

We do our best to make the most environmentally responsible products possible by taking heed at all steps of the products development. All the supplies and energies we use are carefully assigned to a product’s research and development. We encourage the use of low impact fibers to cultivate and most of the materials we use are sourced from dead stock or upcycled, biodegradable components, and organic certified (GOTS) or chemical-free certified (OEKO-TEX). 

All our products are manufactured within Europe. Whenever at all possible, our fabrics and supplies are locally sourced and our products are made in France at very small runs. This way, we make sure our factories and suppliers operate with fair pay and sustainable working conditions. 

Keeping the whole supply chain as local as possible allows us to have a low environmental impact. All our products are shipped using an eco-friendly labels and compostable packaging, thus we avoid producing products that are harmful to the environment and strive to reduce our carbon footprint.

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