We have gathered our best recommendation to take care of your garment as well as the environment.

You will also find specific care instructions on the care label of all garments. For further assistance, please send an email at shop@simonlextrait.fr.


It is always preferable to hand wash your clothes using a pH neutral soap. Most clothing can handle a fairly warm temperature but we like using cold (or warm to touch) water just in case. Always carefully hand wash your knits and jerseys using steady temperature water to avoid shrinkage.


Machine wash is handy but note the spinning process can alter your garment by damaging the fibers and stitching over time. If more convenient, you can machine wash your clothes on a 30 degrees cycle using your regular detergent. Please choose the most gentle cycle, use cold or 30 degrees water, and avoid harmful cleaning agent such as hydrogen peroxide (bleach), oxalic acid, and sodium carbonate.


Never machine dry a garment, the heat will damage the fibers over time and burn other supplies such as elastics and threads. Preferably wring out your garment by hand and hang to dry. Knits and jerseys require a specific treatment. We recommend to lay your garment on a dry towel and roll the whole while pressing to remove the excess of water and lain flat to air dry.


Dry cleaning requires chemicals which are bad for the planet. Always consider mindful alternatives first. However some fine fabrics require fine care, it is therefore recommended to bring sensitive items to an ecologically responsible dry cleaner to preserve its integrity and extend its life.


Cyanotype printed products requires a specific care. There are several chemicals that will alter the intensity of the blue in your cyanotypes. As mentioned, hydrogen peroxide, oxalic acid, and sodium carbonate will all cause the blue to change, as well as solutions of chlorine bleach, sodium sulfate, sodium silicate, trisodium phosphate, and commercial laundry soaps. This is why we recommend you to use a preferably biodegradable pH neutral and non-toxic based detergent. Hand wring and lain flat to air dry.


The color or our naturally dyed garments may change slightly or even entirely over time and this is part of their identity. Each piece will evolve differently and is therefore unique. Always hand wash cold using a pH neutral soap as most naturally dyed fibers are sensitive to pH variations (except indigo dyed items), keep your garment stored in a dark and dry place, and wash it as less as possible. Don’t forget: change is natural and should not be seen as a defect.

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